Post Comment Love 14 - 16 December

Hello there and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo a friendly linky where you can link any post published in the last week. If you were here last week, it was great to see you and if you’re new here this week, then you’re very welcome. Both Morgan and I know you’ll find some great posts to read, and encourage you to pop over to some of the posts linked and take the time to leave a comment or two so that everyone benefits from some extra love.

This is the last #PoCoLo of 2018, but we’ll be back on 11 January with our first linkup of the new year. Thank you to everyone who’s shared posts with us this year, it’s been great to have you along and as you know linkys are only as good as the people that take part, and Morgan and I are both proud and pleased that you’ve chosen to be part of our #PoCoLo community.

Health has featured heavily this week here, there’s been sudden colds, pre-booked doctors appointments and blood tests for us both, and an x-ray for me - not a serious one, but it’s been quite a week.

If you’re following my will she, won’t she go into a shop to do some Christmas shopping dilemma, then there’s been no progress yet, but the actual going into a shop is more likely to happen. I also need to get some wrapping paper, and since we now know that only the scrunchable sort can be recycled, I’m wondering if shops will let us have a scrunch test before we buy…

There’s been some lovely things too, including this box of delicious and delightful goodies that arrived for me as part of the Advent Craft Swap I’ve taken part in over on Instagram - take a look at #adventcraftswap if you want to see more.

My #adventcraftswap parcel

Blogger Showcase: Jo from A Rose Tinted World

Jo has become a regular linker on #PoCoLo and you know how much I love it when we can showcase one of our own. You can read her full responses over at Morgan’s this week, but before you go, let me share a snippet or two. Jo loves to draw on her experiences, and the challenges she’s had on being an older mum. And it sounds as if it’s just as well her best quality is her sense of humour, which her other half says she should show more in her blogs, do pop over and read her response to this!

Remember to stop by Jo’s social channels too: Instagram - Twitter

If you’d like to be featured as a future Blogger Showcase, then please send either Morgan or I your answers to the questions and we can agree a date, we’d love to share more about you.

A taste of Portugal in London

Ah, that post yesterday with the wooden wall tiles got me thinking about Portugal and our holidays there, and while I’m sure I’ve still got plenty of posts to share from our trips, not today. Instead it’s a taste of Portugal in London, and some from the decor - mostly from the loos, but not all from Bar Douro, and our pre-Christmas shopping visit last year.

Starting Christmas shopping with lunch is very civilised and makes actually going into shops much more bearable, although it’s dangerous too as there was a hint of rebellion when the shopping trip nearly didn’t happen, and dangerous too if it encourages a more laissez faire attitude to spending, or choosing gifts!

But anyway, the decor. Totally Portuguese, and totally lovely.

Stools lined up against the tile clad counter
copper lights and filament bulbs

Our spot in the restaurant was under this light and looking out of its front window, which meant we could indulge in a spot of people watching, and quite legitimately so. There’s nothing better is there?

Actually this photo has reminded me that we can’t go back here just yet - as much as I want to - as it will no doubt prompt MOH to start (yet another) dining room light conversation. He’s keen to have a more modern light above our table, and I’m not against it, we just haven’t found the right one yet. We got close, and I was very tempted with a more industrial pipe light (not its technical name, my descriptive name) but i struggled with the idea of not having a light in the centre of the table for most of the time - and as the light was a straight line light (see brackets above) I thought it’d be quite noticeable, if you know what I mean. Well, I hope you followed that anyway…

We could go back and ogle the tiles though and try to avoid all new light conversations.

Blue and white tiles by the sink in the loos

As well as the ‘to be expected’ Portuguese tiles in the loo, there was plenty of quirkiness. The mirrors and the lights for starters. Despite the look on my face I’m a fan of the almost there paint effect, whereas MOH would be itching to rub that down.

mirrors with character
A light with a difference in the loos

The lights, either side of the mirrors, were fantastically peculiar. I’m not sure how they gave out any light at all, especially in a dark walled loo, which I think could be a first in the Loo Series, and it clearly wasn’t the brightest of loos but it was perfectly acceptable lighting level wise.

The artwork featured the Algarve and Porto, the latter a good reminder of our trip to Porto and the Douro valley a few months before. I’ve not been to the Algarve, but we’ve been to the Alentejo region next door, which is where we fell in love with the country and has a relaxed and naturalistic vibe. I’m getting itchy feet to visit both again, and that’s before we’ve still made it to Lisbon.

Not making it to Lisbon has become a bit of a family in-joke, it’s somewhere that’s been on my list for a while but just hasn’t happened. Though it seems the rest of my family have managed at least one trip there themselves, and at one point my brother and my parents were both there almost at the same time, they said without planning it - but one day I’ll get there, I’m sure.

artwork and a quirky cupboard
A textured corner of a picture frame

To console myself with the lack of Lisbon trips, I’ll end on a close up of that mirror frame, because let’s be honest, I’m more likely to get to Lisbon than persuade MOH to have something as rustic as this in our house. And if I did I’m sure I’d have to ban sandpaper!


Big Ideas: An Industrial Bathroom

At this year’s Ideal Home Show there were some extra kitchen and bathroom room sets right at back of the hall, and while you know how much I love a room set or several, I’m surprised that I’ve not shared any of these yet.

As well as this one, there’s another four to come in this series of posts which cover the room sets with “Big Ideas.” The first is this industrial bathroom, which has a classic and almost oriental feel to it, it’s Big Ideas are:

1. Wood-effect walls: tiles that are waterproof, but have an authentic look

2. Tin bath: it keeps the heat, is symmetrically shaped

3. Walk-in shower: frameless glass and easy to clean

4. His & Hers double basins: wall mounted taps

5. Patterned floor: a classic twist and budget friendly

A tin bath and patterned floor with great symmetry

That tub.

Not many rooms could take a tub like that and do it justice, it’s not one to squeeze into a space is it? For me it’s the simplicity and symmetry of the central tub, set against a relatively plain background and on that modern patterned floor, which isn’t too dissimilar to the pattern on my blog header.

Go on, scroll up and check, I know you want to. I just did too!

His and hers double sinks

But it’s not just the big impact stuff, the wire baskets under the sinks are a favourite of mine too. And wood tiles, remember when I saw those in Portugal earlier this year? I was an admirer then when I realised the tiles in the Totally tropical loos were actual tiles, and not floor tiles on the wall!

The simple lines, and lack of frame, on the shower is also a win for me. I’m not a fan of super enclosed showers, and I know that MOH would be very much up for a shower tray that’s that low off the ground. It was something we wanted when we put our shower in, but our budget didn’t stretch to that.

A frameless glass walk in shower

So Big Ideas that I think work well, what do you think?