Reflecting on my week #51

My night out last Saturday turned into a bit of a big one, we didn’t get to bed until just before 2am, after a lovely time catching up with friends, some food and a taxi home. Even though we were home later than we thought, there was still time for tea before bed.

Actually tea in bed after a night out is my usual, and as much of a treat as tea in bed the next morning. As a consequence Sunday was a pretty relaxed day too, and that was no bad thing either. A relaxed breakfast - we were both starving and could have eaten everything in sight, but somehow I’d had the forethought to remind MOH to get some bacon out of the freezer!

The meals I’d planned to cook, we mostly did and the whole week felt like getting back into routine. I fed my sourdough starter, but didn’t quite get to make any bread, perhaps this week as I think I’ve had my fill of shop-bought bagels.

We toyed with putting the heating on in the mornings, to take the edge off the chill but didn’t quite manage to get it right, and then the sun shone brightly and warmer than it had the week before, lulling us into a false sense of security. The evenings and mornings were a chilly again and MOH who’s the cold one really needed a duvet on the bed. I’m the hot one and didn’t so the compromise was an extra quilt. It’s fine for me, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll persuade him it’s fine for him too.

I’m still collecting handfuls of cherry tomatoes at a time from the garden, and still the tomatoes in the greenhouse are mostly stubbornly green. It is quite strange, but I don’t remember growing so many in there before. The greenhouse is a mess, and needs a good sort out. I’ve brought home seeds from my FIL’s garden which need sorting out, egg boxes from dad’s and the pots which I usually have in the kitchen filled with aloe vera are there too.

I’ve plans to rearrange the greenhouse and get myself some more growing space, but at the moment it’s too big a job to start without a few hours in front of me. I know it will be the ultimate greenhouse potter and one I’ll enjoy when I get to it, and if the sun would shine, that would help too.

borlotti beans homegrown

I picked a handful or two of borlotti beans this week too, and finally got to use our new ladder too. It’s much sturdier than the ladder I’d been using and I was happy to go up and down it clipping the slightly out of control chilean potato plant back down to the height of the top of the fence, something I usually do much earlier in the year. It’s good to have it back under control, and it’s also good to feel confident that my ladder won’t wobble.

The week ahead should be as busy as usual, but not all work and no play. At the end of the week we’re very much looking forward to our friend’s wedding. I think I’m all set once I’ve had a couple more read throughs of my reading and MOH is mostly all set, just the small matter of a new shirt to buy, there’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute…

But how, did it get to be October already?!