A great summer to enjoy our redecorated conservatory

Looking back it seems a long time ago that we started to empty our conservatory in readiness for the work ahead, and it was - I can’t quite believe that was the end of April, and while the work hasn’t taken all that time, a great summer got in the way of my blog posts!

There was the newspaper discovered behind the architrave, as according to our builders there’s always newspaper, and the start of the dust. You’ll remember the week we went grey, and the one where the doors were on we had new flooring too, and then like any building project there was the final push.

Which only left the bill to pay, and get the conservatory furnished again and enjoy it with the beautiful summer we’ve had. This project hasn’t been without a mishap or two, and we’re sorting those out with our builders and are confident they’ll be resolved, but that final payment really is your negotiating bargain so my advice is to only pay that when you’re happy.  Our final payment is partially paid and the remaining amount reflects a price for what’s outstanding, because after all money’s tight in the building trade (and local businesses generally) and because everyone has bills to pay and mouths to feed.

So onto the reloading  

We were lucky that our builders were helpful and willing to do over and above, and they won’t know quite how grateful I was that they moved the dresser and bookcase back into our new space. Had I known I would have emptied the bookcase, as that would have made it much easier for them. But with the furniture back in place it was great to see how it would look with our new bifold doors at each end of the space. 

the internal bifold doors
external bifold doors and view to the garden

And yes, it looks completely different. Much more modern and distinctively less wood on show.  We can’t believe how this simple change had altered the look of our conservatory, and we’re already wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.  

Reloading the dresser and bookshelves following work in our conservatory

It’s changed how we use the space too, no longer is it a temporary store for everything from MOHs bikes and cycle gear to anything that doesn’t have a real home. It’s become another space to sit and unwind and we’ve spent many any evening as darkness falls sitting and enjoying the space. 

grouping objects in threes

It’s become the space to grab some chill time when we come home from work, for that cuppa catching up on the day, or the place for early evening cocktails when we need to escape the heat for a bit. And it’s been great to come home and throw open the doors to the garden, although this year our gardening has fallen behind what we’d like. 

The bifold doors really open up the back of the house

And now that the temperatures are starting to dip overnight we’re benefiting from the internal bifold doors too, which are a much better fit than the wooden doors they replaced. I’ve a feeling that our conservatory will no longer just be a corridor to the garden or a room for a few days of the year, I think we’re going to get a lot more use out of it, and from our drinks trolley which was a treat to ourselves, but more on that in another post.