Reflecting on my week #53

This last week had a lot to live up to, and it certainly left it’s mark. But perhaps not in the way I would have expected.  It certainly started early with a taxi pickup for the airport at 4:15am on Monday morning, what on earth was I thinking of? !

Well arriving early in Rome, early enough to pick up our car hire and drive two hours north and arrive in daylight, that’s what. There’s nothing worse than having to get used to a hire car, driving abroad, not knowing where you’re going and having to do that in the car, trust me I’ve done it before - driving through roadworks in the States in pitch black springs to mind, where we ‘almost’ lost the road.

But it was worth it, and after a trip to the supermarket for supplies, this was the view we enjoyed most nights:

wine on the terrace at sunset

Yeap, getting up early is just about tolerable when there’s a holiday involved.  Our goals for this holiday were to get away, relax and once MOH saw the Italian stovetop coffee pot, mastering that was also add to the list.  

mastering the stove top coffee pot

Reading books and catching up with some blog reading was on my list, but only one of those materialised. That’s the danger of a good book or two, or four. That and the temporary rearranged iPad keyboard where the numbers & symbols button and the emoji button were swapped over, making typing anything that vaguely resembled a sentence frustrating, and full of emojis. That’s swapped back in the recent update and I feel much better for it, although I’m unsure why it was such a big thing for me as I’ve not needed to use it for that whole las paragraph...

Much of the reading was done outside though, with a bit of sun on our backs, or more accurately our fronts. The views varied from olive trees and bushes of sage, bay and rosemary which were the largest I’ve seen, to delicate roses and the pomegranate tree with its ruby red fruits contrasting with the yellow green leaves and the blue sky. 

pomegranates growing in the Italian gardens
A rose outside our Italian apartment's door

But that wasn’t quite the mark I meant as unfortunately on our second day I was sidelined by either something I ate, or a sickness bug which wiped me out for just over twenty four hours.  Losing weight on holiday is one of those rare things, or for me it is anyway, but after this holiday I’m 1.5kg lighter with a more cautious approach to eating and drinking, which often follows such tummy bugs.  The overall result is no bad thing, but the route that was less than desirable if I’m honest. 

It wasn’t all bad though, we still got out and about a bit - perhaps not as further aficionados as we might have, but there was still some time later in the week for a spot of wine tasting, so it wasn’t all bad. I had to smile though when they insisted we sat outside to enjoy the good weather, and laid us a place setting complete with a jam jar of flowers. At around 25 degrees it was unusually warm, and while many were wearing jumpers and gilets, the fact we were in our shorts wasn’t overlooked.  

flowers in a vase at our winetasting in Todi

That was a day where our credit card was exercised and some of the wine we tasted is being shipped home - I’m looking forward to it arriving - and of course we worked out the optimal shipping to bottle rate to make it worthwhile, which was preferable to ditching most of our clothes and filling our suitcase with wine...

A hilltop town means lots of ups

There were a couple of visits into Todi, the local hilltop town; once in the rain and once when the sky was at its bluest, and you wouldn’t believe the difference that made to the pretty town. And you know what there is with hilltop towns, don’t you? Yes, a long walk up as after a stressful first drive through the town, parking in the car park outside of the city walls was much more preferable, and I wouldn’t say I’m a nervous driver at all. This holiday certainly tested my hill starts that’s for sure. 

Blue skies and yellow buildings in nearby Todi

Our week ended with another early start, although significantly later at 6am for our journey back to London. A time we hadn’t seen much of during our stay, so driving through the mountains back to the autostrada through the mist was fun.  Fumbling to put the fog lights on, and all - they’re never that easy to find are they?

Little did I know that I’d be searching for the fog lights in my own car later that day too. What’s the chances, two cars, two countries, nearly two thousand kilometres apart and needing fog lights in them both - definitely not me.  But, it was a lovely and much needed chilled sort of week, which of course the week ahead (or what’s left of it) is unlikely to be.

Hey ho.