Falling more elegantly than I ever could

At Chelsea this year there were a few sculptures that caught my eye, and while I don’t think I’m in the market for something quite this size (or frankly price) this “Falling Man” by Helen Sinclair* is the style I’d go for if I were.

But as someone who has a tendency to be a bit clumsy, the idea of capturing someone falling appealed. Although I’m sure I never look anywhere near as elegant during a mishap.  That could be when my ankle decides to give way while walking, making it look like I’ve forgotten how to walk, or if I unintentionally knock something on the table and scramble to save its contents spilling everywhere, usually with mixed results!

Wouldn't it be good though if falling (as I’m resigned to the fact it happens to me) looked so classy, all of the time?



* BTW if you’re interested: the sculpture is in bronze and is priced at £14,500.  

My clumsiness is long-standing and resulted in broken bones while growing up. There was the time that I fell down the stairs wearing my new slippers with, as it turned out slippery soles, but with a much wanted “fake-fur pom-pom” on the top (broken arm) and the one where I was skipping alone in the school playground, got tangled up in the rope and fell (broken foot).

So I feel well qualified to talk about falling, let’s hope I’m not about to surpass my earlier attempts.  

Maybe buying the sculpture would be the better option after all...