Reflecting on my week #54

I never really know what the week will throw at me, but last week I had an idea it would be a busy few days at work.  I was only in the office for four days, and that was mostly spent catching up on our a-little-more-than-a-week break and planning for next week when my Jury Service starts.  It was as busy as I expected, but it also came with the realism that there’s only so much you can plan for, even though I’ve tried to cover all options, and that this week I really won’t know what’s coming my way.

With the week’s focus being on preparing, the weekend was about catching up with post-holiday tasks, the dull ones like emptying the cases and the washing, and one of my coming home rituals, checking how the garden had fared.

It hasn’t been light enough to do that of an evening, and while I’ve peeked out at the pink heads of the sedums whose colours have really intensified to jewel-like proportions, it was great to get out there and see them, and check on the rest of the garden, for real.

autumnal colour on the sedums

In the greenhouse my ‘best’ tomato had gained another admirer who got there before me and annoyingly only had a bite or two, before discarding it. My tomatoes are even later than normal this year and so there was some to pick, but more yet to ripen which given that it’s already the middle of October may not happen.  But given the weather this weekend, who knows?

My best tomato - I wasn't the only one that thought so

I realised this week that the bug/illness from holiday is continuing to make itself known.  I’ve lost about a kilo and a half (which is no bad thing) but now that I’m back into my usual routine, I’ve lost some of my appetite too.  Again, not such a bad thing, I suspect we eat too much anyway.  While it’s good to be more aware of what I’m eating, eating more slowly and stopping when I’m full, being ambivalent to food isn’t so great, so I’m hoping that will recover. 

I told you yesterday how clumsy I am... and it’s not just big things. The amount of times I’ve poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand is more than I care to remember, but always it seems on the day I have an opticians appointment. So on Saturday it was a relief to hear that my vision is ok, and to be reminded that the mascara pokings should be avoided.

We were out for afternoon tea Saturday afternoon celebrating my MIL’s eightieth birthday in a posh hotel in West Sussex. We’d been before, and it was as good this time even though for the first time ever I couldn’t manall the cakes put in front of me. I think that’s when MOH really believed I still wasn’t one hundred percent - in case you’re really worried about me, we took them home and I finished them the next day easily enough!

I did spot that the loos had been redecorated since our last visit, so there’ll be another first for the Loo Series this week as I’ll be sharing the first redecorated loo, meanwhile here’s a teaser:

A peek at the loos at Alexander's Hotel in West Sussex

Once again though my outfit “toned” with the decor in the loos, so perhaps my subconscious already knew about this.  It’s odd though as I only decided what to wear that morning, whereas usually I’ll have a rough idea of what I’m thinking of wearing, and the last time my outfit was picked weeks in advance. Coincidence I’m sure, or at least I hope...

A good excuse to wear some heels

Often I’ll choose outfits once I’ve decided which shoes to wear (what do you mean that’s not normal?), and as the weather was good my new pale pink suede sandals got another outing. I’ve worn them twice now, the other time was at the wedding the other week. And they’re really very comfortable.

Hearing this, MOH suggested a wander around the garden as we’d arrived earlier than we expected. No dear, not in these shoes, as you’ve already told me the grass is a bit wet...