Reflecting on my week #55

I started last week’s post saying how I never really know what the week will entail, and it seems that was quite prophetic as it turned out. My Jury Service started as planned, and I was called to a case on the first day (which I’m not about to share here) and for the next few days we were in and out of court. Then as quick as I could say, well, pretty much anything I was offered the chance to cut short this civic duty, which I’m not ashamed to say I jumped at.

So after three days I was back at work, and that was quite odd too. Mainly because I’d made plenty of plans not to be there and for my work to be covered, so with an empty diary too, I found that I could get on with plenty of other stuff. That was quite liberating, and I’m now making plans for that to continue, finally remembering that my word for this year is kind.

It’s taken a while, but I think I’m getting there. And it’s been nice to have some of those early evenings back to myself, not that I’m doing a huge amount with them as I seem to have got a serious case of inertia right now.

There’s so much that I could do, and I mean at home, that I’m not quite sure where to start, and so I procrastinate instead. Part of that is time, or lack of free weekends, and as we all know starting to rearrange or tidy rooms, means more mess in the short-term. I also know that if we don’t start, then we’ll never get finished in the short time we have available, so quite the dilemma.

I know the answer is to just start, and start somewhere, and I will, but not just yet!

Instead with some time to myself this weekend I got out my crochet, and to be fair made quite some progress with my square a week blanket. I now have twenty squares, and thought I was done - and I was, but then I discovered another two squares, so now I think I need twenty five. So I’ve not finished after all, there’s a couple more to do. And then joining them, and adding a border.

I started to think more seriously about that patchwork cushion I’ve promised myself and I think it’ll work. All of these greys were from the samples we sent for when we were buying new sofas earlier in the year.

laying out the background of my patchwork cushion

The plan is to add some hexies in a pattern on the front from the coloured samples I couldn’t help but pick up at the same time - you didn’t think I’d just look at grey did you? Hopefully it won’t be long before it looks like an actual cushion, and I’ll be out of the fog of inertia too.