Reflecting on my week #52

Ah, what a week it’s been - and welcome to my 52nd of these posts, which have taken me over a year to complete as along the way I’ve missed at least one or two.  If I thought my weeks were already busy, this one topped that and really showed that it’s possible to squeeze just a little bit more in. Just.

There was even time for a trip into town one evening to catch up with friends. I left the office at 5pm, which in itself is quite a feat lately, and remarked on by colleagues in both a good and incredulous way, so I’ll have to do it again soon.  I was pleased to get straight onto a DLR, but my smugness soon went as a few stops down the line an announcement was made to say the DLR was “broken” - my take on a failed train. Luckily though we were just before Canary Wharf and so, a rammed tube journey, or two, came next. 

Mind the gap

It really was a good reminder of why my walking commute is so much nicer. I don’t need to queue to be let into the station, or onto the train - and in fairness, it was all very polite and I was fortunate to be standing right by someone who got off a stop or so later, so their seat was mine!

But even so, I’m glad that’s not my every day route. With my travel “fun” I arrived late, as usual, but it was still a great evening and it’s always good to catch up with friends.

There was more of that on Saturday too, as we were off to a wedding at The Grosvenor no less, and we were very much looking forward to celebrating the marriage of two good friends. 

Like any wedding we had our own preparations to do, mostly around our outfits. Mine was sorted months ago as I saw a navy jumpsuit I loved much earlier in the year (and it was in the sale!) and snapped it up.  I thought perhaps I’d try for something else if it wasn’t quite right, but when it arrived I loved it and knew I was set.

With some new accessories - navy and pale pink - arriving shortly after and opting to wear existing headgear, my beautiful coral coloured hat which first made an appearance at my SIL’s wedding some seventeen years earlier, it was the earliest I think I’ve ever been ready.  

That wasn’t quite the case for MOH though; a selection of shirts were bought on Wednesday with the final choice from two taking place in a mini-fashion parade Saturday morning, and only then could a tie be chosen (thankfully he has a few to choose from, which don’t get worn as much as they once did).  And there was the suit trousers which were delivered to our ‘safe place’ on Friday. A safe place we didn’t know we had, or where it was, but was found relatively easily with directions, and wasn’t on our doorstep which we feared it might be. 


There was just one final thing to prepare, and that was to give my reading a final few out loud run throughs.  

And with that done, we were off. Or were we?

I’d always planned to get changed when we arrived, well because, new shoes, heels and a twenty five minute walk to the station, but given the weather on Saturday that seemed a very sensible plan all round, and one that was adopted by MOH too. 

In fact it was raining so much that a taxi to the station was also needed to avoid arriving looking like drowned rats, never a good look, is it?

The rain had eased by the time we got to Victoria and so we were able to go in the front entrance and not the one from within the station, who knew that existed, but very handy I’m sure. Our room wasn’t quite ready and so we got ready in the loos, which was much better then it sounds, and of course you’ll know I love a good loo!





The wedding was everything we hoped it would be, and even better, I didn’t fluff my reading either. A couple of people asked afterwards if it was a song, and yes it is. Bob Dylan recorded it, of course, but I’m sure many of you are more likely to recall Adele’s more recent recording.

The Grosvenor wasn’t bad either!  As you’ve probably guessed there’ll be more from the loos in a later post, but before then here’s a couple from the staircase close to our room.  





Totally stunning ironwork, and intricate stained glass windows too. Many of the public rooms, that were used for the wedding have been recently redecorated, in a modern yet traditional style, and they were truly stunning. I don’t have photos to share of those rooms though, as I was having too much fun and enjoying being a wedding guest, and that’s more than ok by me.

Next week has quite something to live up to.