Reflecting on my week #57

Last week, was the last of my ‘bitty’ weeks - or for a while at least, I hope It was the kind of week where I was in and out of the office, with a couple of days in town at a conference and then a day off at the end of the week. But despite all of this, a productive week, and one where most things needed to be condensed into three evenings as I drove to Devon Thursday evening after work. This might sound mad, but it worked out quite well as we avoided getting stuck in traffic, which seems to be a speciality of ours, and arrived before midnight.

We were in Devon visiting family, but also for a World War I celebration evening, which involved dressing in the style of the era. I’d been relatively organised and sourced an long A-line skirt, white blouse and a grey hat in charity shops in Norfolk the weekend before. I’d persuaded MOH to buy a flat cap, but he needed to work on the rest of his outfit.

During the week I made some fabric flowers to adorn my hat, found a black ribbon to tie as a bow at the neck of my blouse and took delivery of my Suffragette ‘Hungry for Equality’ medal. I told you it was a busy week.

Hungry for Equality medal and fabric flowers on my hat

I was pleased how my outfit came together, and how the flowers turned out. I’ll probably give them another go and share how I got on, but I think they were pretty effective at giving a bit of character to a relatively dull hat. Our Saturday was spent in and out of the charity shops in Totnes, sourcing items for MOH’s outfit - which comprised of a tweed-like jacket and tie to complement his chinos and white shirt, and that flat cap to give him an estate worker-type outfit. Neither of us won the fancy dress prize but we had fun trying, and it was said that we were robbed!

It wasn’t all charity shops though as on Friday we visited RHS Rosemoor, and so I’ve met my target of visiting all four of the RHS gardens this year. As well as the poignant commemorative display, we saw pumpkins, lichen, vegetable gardens, yellow autumn leaves and much more, which I’ll be sharing here soon.

We managed to avoid the worst of the weather during the weekend, and there was quite some weather. Downpours, wind, sun and the most fantastic rainbows including this one snapped through the car window - I wasn’t driving!

A rainbow snapped through the car window

The thing about weekends away is that they give you plenty of time to think and imagine your dream life. You know the one where you don’t need to work, can live anywhere, have the house of your dreams and it’s furnished just how you want too, so all you need to do is enjoy living life to the full. Sometimes that comes after wandering around fantastic houses and gardens, and often translates to browsing online estate agents.

Seriously. After a long weekend in Guernsey I signed up to property alerts and even started buying lottery tickets again. I no longer receive those alerts, because I’ve realised that buying property in Guernsey isn’t as easy as you think, but it’s not long since I’ve unsubscribed. Of course, they’ve been replaced with more realistic locations in the UK and I’ve even gone as far as drawing my own search areas. I regularly fall hard for some of the properties and start a campaign to persuade MOH, of course at some point reality and the commute kicks in and we look wistfully, at what might have been. Or what could be one day.

It’s a useful exercise, as I’ve realised that my preferred property is a bit of a project. Not a self-build, but somewhere we could do up to our style and tastes and I’ve recently discovered a whole new level to my internet dream life browsing, and that’s high end luxury interior designers for their interiors inspiration. Other people’s houses are great for ideas, but like anything, there’s so much more we can learn from the professionals. I’ve a feeling this is going to be a dangerous, but entirely pleasurable extension to my online browsing hobby.

I’m hoping that this week is slightly calmer, and leaves some time to catch up with the household chores we’ve neglected, as well as leaving some time to catch up on some crochet and of course spending some more time to dream and research decorating my dream house.

* This is a collaborative post but all views are my own.