Reflecting on my week #58

After a gallivanting about for the past few weekends, it was good to have some time at home. The week was pretty ordinary, and alongside catching up on some chores and actually getting out into the garden to tackle the leaf situation, for a change our Saturday night wasn’t in front of the TV.  We were off out in Greenwich, to the launch party of a new venue at the university.  It was a great night, with the venue living up to its billing - the words below are some of the wall art, and the party took place in the basement.  Enough said.

Getting ready though I realised I’d accumulated quite a few bits of green costume jewellery, which as they’re all a complimentary shade accessorised my outfit fantastically well - I’m not sure how I’ve not noticed how they well they go together before...

Accumulating 'green' jewellery including a ring, bracelet and brooch
the lower the sea level the greater the party

It reminded me of a time talking to a friend and commuter companion back when the train into town was my commute. She noticed I was wearing a string of beads, commented that she only ever wore gold or silver and then delivered the backhanded complement that costume suited me though. To this day, I’m still not quite sure how to take it. I’m certain though, that I’m not quite so rigid in my thinking.  

We didn’t quite get as many of the chores done as we might, as I spent the morning in the hairdressers and MOH was unusually out of sorts, and enjoyed some time just being while I was out. I’ve often said time to just be is important, but it’s not often he takes that advice. I know he’s had a busy time of late, and was complaining of a bad leg - it must be hurting a fair bit as he was contemplating making a doctors appointment.  Clearly that’s not the same as actually doing it, or even going, but for it to be considered... That’s passed now as he’s convinced it’s improving, but briefly there I thought it might actually result in an appointment.

My hair appointment was equally as dramatic, and quite colourful.  I was back getting the greys covered, and have been way bolder than I’ve been before. The plan was to have some red added in below the top layer of my hair on the longer side of my bob, except that the red is pink, and quite a bright one at that, which I’m still getting used to.  

I’d thought that it would be duller after taking my natural hair colour into consideration and hadn’t realised that first this section of my hair would be bleached, so the colour was just as it was in the chart.  But in fairness, that’s what I signed up to - and it does look great, I’m just at that stage where I’m surprising myself each time I look in the mirror.  And this is just an underneath layer, not the whole head, I’m sure as I settle into it, it’ll be fine.  I like how it’s done - but at the moment I’m missing the red I was anticipating, and rather like. 

Looking back at the photos I’ve taken this week, this one stood out for me. Not only because of my brolly (which changes colour when wet), but also because of the colour of the leaves in Greenwich Park, on my way to work one morning.  

rain and autumn leaves in greenwich park

So vibrant aren’t they? 

the grass in our garden is covered with leaves

Compare that to the photo above, which is from our back garden. There’s grass under there somewhere, not that you’d know it, but it was found and our garden more resembles the one we know after a good few hours from MOH reclaiming the lawn...!