Reflecting on my week #56

Did you get to see any fireworks? We missed out on the big displays this year and our fireworks have been restricted to hearing the bangs and seeing them in the distance. We were in Norfolk this weekend, and while there was a display there a nice bottle of wine with some cheese on a dark and windy evening was preferable to heading out.

We were in Norfolk as MOH was doing his last mad long-distance cycle of the year, this time the Norfolk Flyer. He clocked up another seventy two miles in a time he was pleased with and with a couple of trips over to Fakenham, to drop him and his bike off and collect him again later on, the rest of the day was my own.

So out came my crochet, and I made quite a bit of progress on my Granny Beatrice squares. Well once I’d remembered that I was following a UK pattern rather than a US one and my trebles should have been doubles - a small matter, but one that’s important to ensure the squares are the same size as the ones I’ve already made.

Granny Beatrice in pinks and blue

The colour combinations continue to be full on, and they make me smile so I’ve a feeling this blanket is going to be my smile blanket. There’s still a long way to go, but that hasn’t stopped me buying some more wool - in shades of grey and black - to make yet another square-based blanket. I’ve realised that a crocheted blanket is the perfect thing to act as an arm protector for our new sofas, and so I’ve some work to do to get some finished, but it’s going to be fun. MOH is less sure, but as he’s the main culprit for using the arm he’ll be quickly won over I’m sure.

You’ll remember my tomatoes haven’t been so good this year, with them ripening slowly. Dad’s tomatoes have been as prolific as normal but even he’s got quite a few green ones left. Or that should be, did have. As usual I left Norfolk with more than we arrived with, but I was happy to pick these to bring home. I’ve a feeling that there’ll be some green tomato ketchup this year, perhaps with a touch of chilli too.

Green tomatoes

I also left with a pumpkin and some apples and I’m already looking forward to plenty of apple crumble. I think messing with a good crumble should be outlawed. We went out for lunch on Saturday, to a fantastic pub that we’ve been to a few times and as usual the food was fantastic. For me, there was a goats cheese fritter to star - heaven - and a suet beef pudding with baby veg and a red wine jus, which was a little too sweet for me.

I finished with an apple and blackberry crumble which didn’t really do it for me, it was a little too sour for my taste and unusually I didn’t finish it, which had MOH worried, but that’s why I think messing with a good crumble should be outlawed. We don’t go there that regularly that they’d know this, but it was obvious I wasn’t a fan and so to their credit they took it off the bill, which if I’m honest I never expected and wouldn’t have asked for. But I know we’ll continue to visit there, that’s beyond the level of service I’d expect and for MOH well, he was just pleased at a pint of (relatively) local ale for £3.80 a pint - apparently it’s been a long time since he paid that little for a good pint.

I recently made a card for my MIL’s birthday and that set me on a new cardmaking quest, and a treat for my papercraft loving self. I’d been looking for some medium sized letters to make some initial-type cards, and they arrived this week. I knew that whichever letters I chose I was bound to want some others, so I did the only sensible thing and bought the whole alphabet, so now I’ll have to put my plans into practice. It’s a very much watch this space project, but I’m very excited.

Treating myself to some alphabet die cuts

The wine we shipped home from our break in Italy arrived this week, and sadly it was another UPS delivery catastrophe waiting to happen with three cases of wine left on our doorstep, until our thoughtful neighbour took them in in case they walked. That’s happening more often, and not just with UPS with Hermes too. I don’t know why delivery drivers think it’s ok to leave things on a doorstep and then say it’s in a safe place, trust me, it really isn’t. We’re on an A-road, with a bus stop outside and sadly have had parcels go missing. I worry with Christmas approaching as much of my shopping is done online because well, shopping isn’t my most favourite of things.

autumn leaves - and trees - in Greenwich Park

To finish on a lighter note i snapped this picture in Greenwich Park on my walk to work this morning. It seems that the trees here, and those opposite our front window, have turned yellow over the weekend. When they look as pretty as this, that’s not a problem, but it’s a visual reminder that autumn is marching on towards winter. That sentence alone brings a brrr from me, but without winter we won’t get to Spring. Or as one of my colleagues pointed out while I was making a cuppa in the shared kitchen, it’s less only seven weeks to Christmas…

…Yeap, it’s information I could have done without too!