Reflecting on my week #61

Since Friday I’ve had some flashes of brilliance with my Christmas shopping and while I’ll still have to go to some shops, I hit on the idea of getting some presents delivered to the shops, so all I need to do is collect them - genius hey? I’m not sure why I didn’t this before, and so now with a delivery or two I think I’m going to be all set for our family ‘fake’ Christmas this coming Sunday. There’s some wrapping to do, and some wrapping paper to buy, but that’s doable.

I’ve had a couple of nights out this week, so Christmas has started. I was rather proud of our gingerbread house from the Neff and Currys PC World blogger’s evening, and with the 3D tree too. The tree is made of three circles of gingerbread decreasing in size with a triangular piece standing upright for the top. It’s held together with dollops of icing and slathered with green icing around the outside, and dotted with jelly bean ‘decorations’ - and pretty effective, I think.

My 3D gingerbread christmas tree

My fingers were green from the icing at the end, but it’s something I’d do again. It was great to meet new bloggers and to catch up with some I already knew, and to meet people in real life that I’d not met before, including Jacqui from Recipes Made Easy who said she’d read that gingerbread houses were done and 3D trees were the thing this year.

So somehow I’ve managed to be ‘on trend’ without realising it, when actually I’d just worked out how to supercharge our creations with icing! I’ve some gingerbread in the freezer so I think I might give this another go at home, if I get time. I tried once before to make a 3D tree out of shortbread, and that was way harder as it just crumbled…

I woke up Saturday full of cold, and with no idea where it had come from, or a hint that it was on its way. It’s the sinus-affecting type of cold, which is generally the sort I get, but even so, there’s usually some build up. Our plans, which were quite flexible this weekend, were revised as there’s no point going out for dinner when breathing is problematic, and food is all but tasteless.

There were plenty of jobs to get done this weekend, including a wine shop, which also came with a free bottle of gin - don’t mind if I do. And finally we had enough time to put one of the bookcases into its new home. The bookcase has been lodging in our spare bedroom since the conservatory work earlier in the year, having moved from the conservatory temporarily. However when we reloaded the conservatory we made some changes to the furniture in there, which left it stranded.

A new home for one of our bookcases

With a bit of “to me, to you” the bookcase moved up a floor and into space cleared for it in the study. But clearing a space for it was like one of those space puzzles, as you’d imagine we didn’t just have this empty space hanging around. We had two smaller IKEA units in this space, which will now be moved into the other spare bedroom as bedside tables, which is their original purpose, and of course all of these units were full of stuff. In fact, don’t tell MOH, but generally there’s a lot of stuff in the study, sssh!

A lot of this weekend was spent rearranging the spaces, and at one point MOH pointed out that now instead of having one messy room, that was now three, and I’m not sure he was convinced when I said that tidying up and sorting things out always gets worse before it gets better. And it has started to get better, for one thing, we can see a lot more floor in the study-come-craft-room now.

Books in the bookcase and a chair close by

The bookcase is filled, my chair is back in place - it’s a great place to sit and ponder - and I’ve a plan to move my noticeboard to the space above the chair, which frees up a flat wall for a black and white picture we’re not sure will hang on a slopey wall, or more precisely, if it’ll stay there. It was quite cathartic to sort through some old paperwork, reminisce a bit and get rid of most of the unsentimental bits, and now I’ve a pile for shredding and an almost-full recycling bin.

Something else peculiar happened this weekend, I’d noticed that the towel rack above the bath had an unhealthy slant and so I asked MOH to fix it. And he did, almost immediately. Which was quite unexpected, but obviously very welcome and I’m sure unfair of me. But, as the saying goes, I’m not sure what’s happened, or who’s got my real husband, but it’s ok, as I’m happy to keep this one that actually listens!

There’s still some more sorting out to do - and some charity shop runs to do, as well as some other tasks to get the rooms straight, but I think we’re going to get it done, and I’m hopeful that I might finally get my craft storage sorted and usable, as I think it’ll make all the difference to be able to get to things without moving everything first.

Along with those Christmas presents I’ve ordered some new storage boxes for one of the to-be bedside tables, for MOH to use to store his ‘indoor’ tools. He tells me he won’t need many, but I suspect he’s underestimated his storage requirements and have two 20 x 30 x 40 cm rubberwood boxes on order. If he doesn’t need them both, then that’s some extra storage sorted, which is always welcome.

He still thinks I’ve got too much stuff, but actually being able to do some crafts will surely reduce my stash… All I need to do is find some time to put my plans into action - I’ve a lot pinned on the break I have at Christmas when my office shuts, although if I’m lucky, in reality will be three days, and I’m bound to have a list that’s way too long, but hopefully not so long that the only thing that happens is procrastinating - we’ll see.

I need to get that Christmas shopping done first though, how are you getting on with yours?