Reflecting on my week #62

Last week we started the long overdue study/craft room tidy, which is actually part of our bigger whole house, pre-Christmas tidy up and that’s continued this weekend, once I’d finished my Christmas shopping that is.  That piece of news filled MOH with joy, especially when he realised trips to real shops were involved.  Thankfully though it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and we were done relatively quickly, and in a single shop too, including some food supplies too.

Back home, the wrapping continued, and it turned out 4m of paper wasn’t enough - thankfully I had some brown paper, which was hastily put to good use.  I wasn’t the only one, my niece had used newspaper to wrap her presents, and they looked really good.

Ready for our family ‘fake’ Christmas, the tidy up continued.  The new storage boxes I’d ordered arrived, and while I don’t have the shelf in place yet, they are full of his ‘indoor’ tools and alongside the bed in the spare bedroom.  Now there’s just a few things to sort out and the room’s back to its intended function, and the study/craft room is still looking relatively clear too, that feels like a win.

new storage boxes in an older unit

I mentioned in Friday’s post that the week had featured health a fair bit, with trips to the doctors and blood tests for both of us, as well as an x-ray for me.  MOH ended up having a couple of days away from work on the doctors advice, and it was only when he went back again at the end of the week  wondering why he had to go back so soon, that he learnt one of the things the doctor had considered was his appendix, it wasn’t that (phew!) and he’s feeling a lot better, and back at work.

I phoned the surgery earlier for my results and while my full blood count isn’t showing any abnormalities, one of the tests needs further discussion, as does the x-ray, so I’m back at the doctors for an early morning appointment this week, to find out a bit more.  The x-ray on my foot, is likely to need a referral for surgery, but I’m sure that’ll be a while off.  The blood test, I’m not sure what the outcome of that will be, but the fact the surgery hadn’t called me is reassuring - they did when my first blood tests for my thyroid came back, so I’ll have to wait and see.

This year our family ‘fake’ Christmas was held in Peterborough and it took place on Sunday.  And it was about as full on a Christmas you can get without it being the actual day itself, and this was some of the aftermath.

wrapping paper carnage

There was homemade chutney, made with tomatoes from dad’s garden - and those napkins were a remnant from our recent trip to Birmingham.

Family homemade chutney

Food. Proper Christmas dinner stuff. With all of the trimmings. And very tasty. My second Christmas meal of the weekend actually as I had my work do on Friday night, but home cooked is always better isn’t it? The empty plate says it all really.

Christmas lunch
Christmas dinner done

One last picture from the weekend, and one of my presents is this hand-stitched picture of Christmas words and sayings in the shape of a Christmas tree. I’ve long admired the one mum has on her wall, and so I’m pleased to have my own.

A tree of words

Great isn’t it? I need a slightly bigger long-term-home frame, but this one is a good temporarily and means it can be on display as part of our decorations, which actually are another thing I still need to sort. That and making sure the food order has the key ingredients for our own festivities, and lunch, crackers and all.

Have you got everything under control?