Big Ideas: A floral bathroom

This floral bathroom has a completely different feel to the Industrial bathroom I’ve already shared in this Big Ideas series, it’s a lot softer and romantic, but like the previous room set needs a fair sized room to reproduce. The roll top bath and large mirror look great, but they both need space don’t they?

The Big Ideas for this bathroom are:

  1. Decorative beading: a characterful and quick way to update a room

  2. Vintage mirror: mirrors always make rooms appear larger

  3. Freestanding furniture: storage, that’s easy to move

  4. Roll-top bath: make it the real focus of the room

  5. Real flowers: scent and luxury all over

A standalone bathtub and mirror

Roll top baths have to take centre stage, don’t they? And this one’s angled to really shout about its presence - the large free standing mirror is giving it some competition. But the fresh flowers, don’t they add a touch of luxury, how practical they’d be longer-term I’m not so sure, but they do look pretty and add to the overall feel of the room.

Beading on the walls as panelling
freestanding furniture and real flowers

The beading gives the room a classic feel, and are relatively easy to add - you can buy beading painted white so that removes a job, although the trickiest part is still likely to be mastering the mitred corner, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not quite so bad.

What do you think?