Reflecting on my week #63

Ah, Christmas Eve. Work is done for the year, but in actual fact, there’s still much to do.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with a long to do list today, but more on that in a mo.  My week started with a day off after our family ‘fake’ Christmas, and the day itself was much needed. It started at full pace and kind of fizzled out, but many of the jobs I’d planned just about got done. A call to the doctor’s surgery for my blood test results left me pondering all sorts of outcomes briefly before concluding that I’d have to wait until my appointment to know for sure.

So after a night out at the Hawksmoor in Seven Dials - great steak, great restaurant that was packed, good company and loos I didn’t photograph - I was back to learn my fate early the next morning. It seems the constant ‘bone aches’ and tiredness and lethargy is down to depleted vitamin D, and so I have a ten-week course of the tablets below and a blood test in twelve weeks. 


Because I’m a responsible adult, nosey, or just keen to work out how alcohol fits in with these tablets (you decide!) I read the leaflet inside one of the twelve boxes. The usual dosage for these tablets with the name that reminds me of a product that turned my hair orange back in the 80s, is one a day. 

My dose? Five a day (the maximum) Just don’t ask me to jump as I’m sure I’ll rattle!   But hopefully they’ll do their job.

I'm not sure where or why my vitamin D has gone, but as with anything that crosses your path, I’ve learnt much about it this week.  It helps absorb calcium, the link to my ‘bone aches’ which are mostly in my hips, perhaps?  In food it’s found in oily fish, thankfully salmon is on that list, but there’s also mackerel and sardines, which I’m less good at eating. It’s also in red meat, liver and egg yolks as well as fortified foods, such as bread and cereals. I’m not a cereal kind of girl, but I’ve noticed lately that the rolls we take for lunch a couple of days a week are the fortified sort.  And I’m no stranger to red meat or eggs. I haven’t had liver for a while, and I am a fan having managed to purge the school dinner version from my memory.

So quite peculiar really. 

This week I also made another discovery: that it’s perfectly possible to fit a neck and shoulder massage into a lunch hour in Greenwich.  And while this may not be revolutionary, this week it was for me. In another of my aches and pains, my shoulder had seized up. Countless applications of the hot pad and massage attempts by MOH weren’t having any longer term effect, so when MOH suggested a massage might be needed, I thought he may be into something.

My therapist immediately spotted the issue and the knots and set about sorting those out. It was sore afterwards, as she said it would be but I have more mobility and gradually less pain too. I think I’m going to need at least another one, maybe more, though to make sure...

The weekend has been one of completing the tidying, finishing the present shopping - another trip into town fixed that, and provided the opportunity to buy our traditional way OTT mince pies from Fortnum & Masons, as well as a festive Five Guys on the way home, and get the decorations up, finally.

I think the tree is looking pretty good in our conservatory, which seems to have transformed itself into a grotto this year, with the fairy light reflections. I was keen to capture this, and if you look closely in the second shot below you can see me too (and yes, I’m laying on the floor - totally worth it!)


So today there’s food prep to be done, sausage rolls to be cooked - I’ve got frozen ones to cook, which MOH mistook for pasta in the freezer last night, and remains to be convinced are actual sausage rolls. With some mustard seeds, sesame seeds or herbs sprinkled on top of the egg wash I’m sure I’ll make them my own. There’s meat to be collected, and a fish pie to be made and if I’m lucky I’ll get some time to finish a present I’m making for MOH, if not he’ll be receiving a WIP which will need some explaining, and don’t worry is proper present was the real purpose of our shopping trip on Thursday!

Have a lovely Christmas, and thanks for reading this year!