Reflecting on my week #64

It’s New Year’s Eve and the last day of my solo time off over the Christmas break, I’ve got tomorrow off too but MOH will also be at home, so that doesn’t count as a day that I can truly do what I want (although there is an argument that I do what I like anyway, but let’s not go there!) So today I’ve been pommodore-ing my time to keep me focussed and so I stand a chance of getting as much of what I want to get done, alongside what I need to get done. 

The luxurious and lengthy solo break I had in my head has in effect morphed into just a couple of days as I knew it would at this peculiar time of year. That’s not a complaint, more a reflection that I’m still over-ambitious about what’s realistic to fit into a single day. You think I’d know by now, but it seems not... 

The Christmas food is dwindling, and will soon be topped up with a batch of New Year food, which for us is going to be a quiet affair. Well, as quiet an affair as you can have with a kilo of beef rib, dauphinois potatoes and chocolate fondants (not together) with accompanying alcohol and trying (but always failing) to see if we can spot the fireworks on the Thames from our conservatory.  It’s become a tradition to try, I mean the fireworks are just ten or so miles away, why wouldn’t we spot them? 

I did mostly get the Christmas decorations up before the 25th, and those I didn’t were just as quickly hurried back upstairs in a way that suggested they might not have been out of the cupboard at all really. This Christmas has felt the most last minute ever, which is probably a good summary of the year, but it’s the first year I can remember dashing upstairs after our fish pie on Christmas Eve to carry on sewing a gift, but I did. And I got it finished, and wrapped, much to MOH’s bemusement, especially as it was for him.

My shoulder was still giving me gyp at the start of the week, I contemplated using that as an excuse to duck out of peeling the sprouts and other veg, but decided it might just be more painful to watch. MOH to be fair was amazed I think at just how much prep was needed not only for Christmas lunch, but also for tea on Christmas Eve and getting ahead as much as I could with the salmon-en-croute for Boxing Day, and I was grateful when he picked up the peeler to prepare the spuds. But Christmas Eve is one of those days isn’t it, that’s just a bit full on, and one day of full on-ness is worth it to minimise time in the kitchen for the next few days. 

I was determined to get my crochet out at some point as I was sure that would help my shoulder, and I think it has. In the past week I’ve tackled - and completed - Granny Peggy, all eleven colour combinations for my brightly coloured ‘vintage sweethearts’ throw.  


It’s not been my favourite pattern to crochet, Granny Beatrice is still holding that crown, but it is done and there’s just Flora to tackle in the first section.  As I’m not crocheting this ‘live’ as the patterns are released in the magazine, I'm batch crocheting hence all of one type at a time.  But now I’m in two minds about if once all the elements of each section are complete if I should pause and see in the ends and make it up as I go. 

Part of me wants to steam on ahead with the crocheting, but another part of me is already remembering how dull sewing in the ends is, so perhaps I should break it up and then seeing the sections materialise will spur me on further, we’ll see... 

I’ve also managed to do some online sales shopping  - rude not to hey?  So I’ve a couple of pairs of shoes arriving, one more sensible than the other, but both with the realisation that I need to sort through the shoes I do have, as there’s some I won’t wear again which I’ve been hanging onto in the vain hope that I just might.  I’ve also managed to nab a good deal on some photo books, which I’ve done in the past and have compilations for 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Now I just need to get those up to date.  Nor could I resist looking at the craft sites and so have some card making materials and some wool on the way too.

I think one of my biggest successes this year is being inspired to start so many projects, I need to follow through though and do more than just the purchasing the kit, that’sone to work on for next year.  Let’s hope MOH isn’t reading this post - he announced over Christmas that he hadn’t stopped by for a while but really should as it’s a good way for him to find out what he’s been up to - cheeky.  If you see him, don’t mention anything about the shoes or the craft supplies, let’s keep that just between ourselves…

Have a very happy new year, however you choose to see it in (or if you completely ignore it), over the next week or so I’ve a series of “end of year” posts, as well as some looking forward and I’ll also be sharing more about that last minute handmade gift. 

That’s it from me for this year, thanks for reading it’s been great having you along - and gah! I’ve just remembered I’m supposed to be drinking lots of water today, hydrating myself ahead of the celebratory drinks this evening, but instead I’m sat here tucking into the Ritz biscuits, which is probably having the opposite effect, but is way more tasty! 

Happy New Year!