Life at 139a is 6 years old...

Well, I’m not quite sure how that happened and I’d like to say it was well and truly celebrated - well it was with pink champers and a couple of nights away, but that might have been more to do with Valentine’s Day in reality.

But when I realised I’d reached another milestone with my blog I didn’t want to let the event go completely unnoticed here, and so I’ve raided Unsplash for a suitably stylish six photo, which I’m sharing along with six facts blog-gy facts.

Photo by  Clem Onojeghuo  on  Unsplash
  1. I still enjoy writing my blog, six years on. I’m not sure I ever thought about it long-term, but over the years it’s evolved and grown with me and I’ve grown with it. More than ever I relaxed about the various ranking and stats, and more about what I’m writing about and who’s reading and interacting with my blog. I’m much more likely to use my stats to see what’s working and what’s being read, rather than to compare myself to other blogs.

  2. I’m happy with my ‘brand’ too. There’s been a few tweaks to the layout, but since I moved to Squarespace, the look and feel have been pretty much constant. I’ve no desire to change it (and quite frankly, probably not the time to either), so that’s just as well. I’m more certain than ever that Life at 139a will live on whenever the time comes to move house because…

  3. Blogging is now ingrained in what I do. So unintentionally leaving home without my phone for a day out on Saturday was quite strange, mildly liberating and quite frustrating all at the same time, especially as there were pictures I wanted to take (cue commandeering MOH’s phone).

  4. I’ve more plans for this space than I’m sure I’ll be able to put into practice, but the same could be said of my home-life, work-life, holiday-planning-self, craft to do list and almost everything I’m involved with. I guess that means I like things to be busy and am open to change, but don’t always have the time, and perhaps confidence, to make them all happen. But at least some of them make it through.

  5. I’m a night owl who often runs out of ‘night owl hours’ so it seems I can be sensible at times too, as I know I have to get up for work in the morning. So while I could (and do) spend time on my blog each evening and into the small hours, there’s never enough time, as there has to be sleep.

  6. I value each and every comment and interaction with my blog, it might take me a while to reply (see number 4 above) but I will. I’m working out how I can catch up, stay on top and even stay ahead of myself at times too so I don’t always feel like I’m chasing my tail, though I think that’s a symptom of modern day living.

So happy sixth blog birthday to me, here’s to many, many more.