Reflecting on my week #72

As ever it’s been a busy week, which started with a couple of nights in Norwich. I’ve been there before, but not for many (many) years and had no recollection of what it was like, other than there were lots of small roads with shops, which I’m sure now are The Lanes. This time around we spent a fair amount of time wandering around them again, as well as catching up with some more everyday shopping which we rarely get to do at home without making a special trip.

In fact browsing shops, both interiors and antiques was a bit of a theme for this trip to Norfolk as a whole. I think MOH was concerned at one point that we’d have more than a full boot-full for our journey home, or perhaps that his bike would be deemed superfluous to our luggage requirements, cast aside for newer more treasured items.

He needn’t have worried though as my purse strings, for big purchases at least for now, were tied. Mostly because I wasn’t quite sure where I would put them. I fell in love with the dogs, but wasn’t sure I’d want to leave them to the mercy of the foxes in our garden, although at one point - in fact more than one point - contemplated storage in London. Hmmm, now there’s an idea to check out further.

We spent some time in the cathedral in Norwich, actually more time than we anticipated, joining one of the c40 minute tours, which after an hour we baled from. It was really interesting, which is why we stayed for so long, but we were also keen to see more of the city.

And one of the best ways to do that is wandering around on foot, and we saw some great architecture and some unusual shop windows. No surprises for guessing why I was drawn to this one.

Around Norwich - an interesting window display
Wandering around the lanes in Norwich

I hadn’t realised that Norwich was such an important city in the past, coming only second to London. That’s changed now of course, but it’s a great place that’s full of history. I’ll share some more of the architecture there, and no doubt more, over the next week or so.

We stayed at The Assembly House, which is right in the centre of town and is gorgeous. This was our first view, from the car park - and doesn’t it look promising?

The Assembly House in Norwich

And it really was. We opted for a bit of luxury, even choosing the room when we booked, and we weren’t disappointed. I was definitely missing my Eggs Royale and Eggs Florentine when we were home on Wednesday. I’ve a feeling that we’ll be back in Norwich, and at the Assembly House again. And yes, I’ll be sharing more of our room here too.

Room 7 in the Assembly House in Norwich


Back home and back at work Wednesday, the rest of the week was intense.  Starting out with good intentions of leaving on time, and managing OK-ish, I’ve set myself something of a challenge to carry on with as big a workload as before, but actually knowing I’ll never get to the bottom of the list is kind of reassuring, in a peculiar kind of way.

The mornings here have been quite foggy but have cleared into glorious days.  Friday I was out early with an appointment at the local community hospital for my foot and it seemed peculiar to be driving in the fog.  Not expecting my appointment to actually be on time I paid for a couple of hours in the car park opposite, so of course you can guess what happened.  Not only was my appointment on time, but I got back to the car park before the charging even started.  Typical, hey?  There wasn’t even much of an outcome on my foot either, I’m now being referred to podiatry.  I know there’s processes to be gone through and all that, but it does seem a bit of a delaying tactic before I get to see someone with some actual, practical advice.

Even with our north facing garden we’ve enjoyed the sun out there, and ventured out for some ‘light gardening’ - although this extended to cutting a third of the dogwood stems, and the vine from next door which seemed to have got quite attached to our cherry tree.  Two trug loads later and the green bin was pretty full, for the first time this year.

some light gardening - the first of the year

The garden is springing back into life, there’s plenty of bulb growth with some crocuses and daffodils in flower, with more to come and delicate muscari just starting to turn blue. The skies have been ultra blue, and it’s been glorious - the pear tree is in bud, which seems early, and is definitely in need of a prune when we know the frosts have passed.

blue skies and buds on the pear tree already

The ornamental quince bushes are also in their element right now, with reddy-orange blossom glinting in the sun and bringing real colour into the garden. I walk past one on the way to work too, and it really seems to herald spring each year, so let’s hope it’s not a false alarm.

the ornamental quince is in full flower

Alongside the gardening, popping into town to see England lose to Wales (boo!) I’ve also made a few pom pom sheep for a craft session that I’m hosting at work at the start of March. I’ll save the full post until then, but in the meantime here’s a glimpse of my sheep, and yes, it’s entirely plausible to have a lime green sheep - I’ve pastel pink ones too!

the start of some pom pom sheep, pastel green obviously

More on those soon though, in the meantime have a great week and let’s hope I stick to my resolve of leaving the office at a respectable time.  To be honest, I’ve as much to do at home, so I really should…

* This is a collaborative post, but all views and opinions remain my own.