On crockery watch at Jarrold in Norwich

I have a bit of a thing for crockery. That sentence felt like it was prompted by some kind of confession at a self-help group. It wasn’t meant to, and I suspect you already know about my crockery thing, or some of it at least as I’ve shared a few crockery posts here in the past, and use my own mini-collection comes out for styling posts at times. It’s not really a mini-collection either, as I have complete tea sets but let’s keep that just between you and I, ok?

In Norwich recently I was keen to take a look around the city’s independent department store, Jarrold and as we wandered around the Lanes I spotted it in the distance and steered MOH towards it and inside before he could work out quite what was happening. We headed straight to the Lower Ground floor where the homeware department was. I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over (sorry!) by the dishes that called my name, but I was.

bowls of every colour and pattern in Jarrolds in Norwich

You can see why, can’t you?

I had more time than I thought I would to peruse, and wish and wonder and plot and plan for their use and future purchases as MOH had landed in front of the gin section, and was doing his own extensive research.

crockery with bold geometric patterns

While the bold geometric patterns above are great, it’s the smaller repetitive patterns that I’m much more attracted to. My problem, as ever, is choice. Too much of it appears to paralyse me, rendering me almost unable to make an informed decision. Quite often, the choice becomes much simpler, if I can’t choose then it becomes I’ll have all or nothing. And that quite often helps the decision making process, I mean, buying all of these just because I couldn’t choose would be silly, so the answer was none. For now.

More bowls, more patterns

There will come a time I’m sure when following that decision tree, I’ll think it perfectly sensible to buy the lot, perhaps then narrowing it down further will become more realistic. Or maybe, I’ll change tack completely and go for the bees…

buzzy bee mugs and plates

Or other small patterned insect, bird or animal patterned crockery.

small repeating patterns, yellow butterflies, teal birds

Who knows.

A cup and saucer labelled gin, with a jug for tonic

But all those decisions, or almost decisions, made for thirsty work and so this Gin and Tonic set were actually the most likely to leave the shop as purchases, but by then it was time to prise MOH out of the wine section before we ended up with a serious discussion on how many bottles we should buy.

And it was definitely time for tea and cake…