Hollywood glamour, Lavatory Project style

Today the Lavatory Project meets The Loo Series is back, with the latest set of photos from Grand Designs Live last May. Today’s design, by Outshine, is full of Hollywood glamour, and the more you look, the more you see.

Fully of Hollywood glamour, the Outshine Lavatory Project

There’s the obvious black and gold, but there’s also the art-deco inspired wallpaper. But look again, there’s the Oscar, the high heels, the elbow-length gold gloves and the pine tree shaped loo roll holder. That has a touch of kitsch about it, but I kind of love it all the same. That’s not even mentioning the beaded cushion behind the loo (I’m not sure why either) or the bevelled mirror tile splashback or the rose gold taps.

Black, white and gold bring a touch of glamour

Even the patterned towel, just works doesn’t it? And I bet you weren’t surprised to find the champers there either, although I think there’s much better places to store that kind of item, but it works with the concept.

The theme is carried right the way through the room set at Grand Designs Live

Even the wallpaper under the dado, has hints of art-deco patterns in the anaglypta-like covering. And every lavatory needs somewhere to hang your evening bag, and camera - especially after all that fizz.

Are you a fan of this look, or not?