A She Shed - yes please!

She Sheds, garden pods, home offices, or whatever you want to call them - they’ve become a big thing haven’t they? It’s easy to see why, the idea of having somewhere dedicated for a specific activity, work or fun, definitely appeals. Having that outside the house appeals too, unless it’s the worst (or best) kind of snow day which means being cut off from your crafting, I guess.

They’ve come so far, that at the Ideal Home Show last year, this quadrant pod, was alongside the infamous ‘houses’ - and I think it’s definitely a She Shed in the making.

Quadrant contemporary workspace at the Ideal Home Show

As its name suggests, it’s quadrant shaped so cue curved walls which almost cocoon you from the elements, but yet provides a window on it too.

Looking out across the Show

Yes, those lights - aren’t they great? In fact the whole space is full of great lights and fantastically furnished. It’s definitely the type of space you’d be happy to work in and which should provide just the inspiration you need.

Living the curve at the ideal home show
A spot to relax in - what every she shed needs

I’d love my own space like this, but know it’s not practical for us. The thought of getting it into our garden, where it might go and even just getting electricity to it and the disruption and redecorating this will most likely bring with it, rules it out. But never say never, it’s something that in the right space could really work all round.

And everyone needs an escape space, right?