Definite (& possible) Ins and Outs

Definite Ins:
- The obvious things that are "in" are repairing the outside - that includes a rotten windowsill (typically on the second floor) and the rendering to the front. Currently that's a (paler than it originally was) shade of magnolia. It was last painted about seven years ago and takes a lot of sun - this time we're aiming to be bolder, but still classic.

- Our bedroom, last touched over ten years ago. It needs some attention. There's potential for a "discussion" here as MOH wants to strip everything back and give the creaking floorboards some attention.

- The stairwell, it should be fairly straightforward even for a spiral staircase that goes up (and down) two floors. Except that MOH wants to lovingly replace each tread... I should say in his defence, he is thorough and not obsessed by floors!

- Downstairs, our main living space. It's open plan like many places these days so that means it includes our kitchen. We're convincing ourselves it should be in but recognise this is a lot of work and potential disruption to, well eating properly. We like our current kitchen but it's starting to get on the edge of shabby. Many of our appliances are on their way out and up until now we've replaced them piecemeal but with a shiny new rest-of-downstairs will our kitchen look dated...

Definite Outs:
- Other than a lick of paint for the ceilings (which MOH says he will do) both bathrooms are out. Phew.

- Bi-fold doors for the Conservatory, much to MOH's disappointment. Maybe another year honey...

- A shoe wardrobe for the spare bedroom, which is a shame as it is much needed. Perhaps I could swing this onto the possibles list somewhere along the way...

- Apart from the shoe cupboard I've just mentioned the other possibles are the spare room, the top bedroom and the study. We'll just have to see how it goes for these.

- The other big possible is replacing and updating the patio (much needed), it'll come down to money no doubt as we both agree the grey, municipal-like slabs aren't the look we're after. Although I do hope to re-use many of these at the "working" end of the garden.

- The final possible (I think it's the final one anyway) is to add a stone circle to the place in the garden that gets the early evening sun. We'll have the perfect place for a cocktail or two if the weather would behave!

So it looks like 2013 will be a busy year

A Green and Rosie Life