Viewing kitchens... and all their brochures!

There are so many kitchen designs, and as we're discovering lots of kitchen retailers. And they all have brochures. And lots of those too. And everyone has a view on where to get a kitchen from. Howden and Wickes are highly recommended I hear.

We've looked at three companies and from just this small number it's clear we are in agreement and both like the high gloss look. That's a result. Two of the companies we've looked at were from the West Country. On our way home from Bath last month we stopped by one of the show rooms. They were beautiful kitchens but not for us.

The other company is a German company - LWK Kitchens - based in Canary Wharf. This is our favourite and they are coming round to measure up next week to provide a quote. Some time after that we'll be in shock, need a stiff drink and most likely need to reign things in. Although they did say it is do-able for our budget so let's wait and see.