Expedit - Komplement - Pax

Yes, a visit to Ikea is on the cards. Being housebound this weekend because of the weather has meant actually talking to MOH. I've learnt he's after a solution to sorting his records (yes vinyl) as the current Billy bookcase solution(s) aren't working. He wants some Expedit for them. I'd already had my eye on, but had ruled out, some Komplement shoe storage. His interest means that could be back on! It also means I'd need some Pax for the Komplement. Each Komplement holds 16 pairs of shoes, so not sure how many I'd need or how many shoe shopping possibilities there could be. In the spirit of shared-ness I have offered MOH one shelf and he's offered two cupboard insets in the Expedit for handbags (mine not his).

The downside though is at least one trip to Ikea. No doubt that will also mean some scrabbling around for the right boxes, queues in the pick-up area, some comedy moments loading the car and some candlelights! I mean, who goes to Ikea and doesn't buy some?