The possible patio is now more likely to be in than out

Other than the fact it would be rude not to replace the municipal-like patio which is in much need of some tarting up, it doesn't make sense to redecorate throughout downstairs without including the patio. We don't have any side access so everything for the garden has to come through the house... You see why it's the sensible option for it to be in. Yay!

Some dual* online surfing at and we're agreeing again. There's a couple of sandstone samples on order; an antique and a non-antique version of the Autumn Green Natural Sandstone and hopefully they'll be here soon.

As the patio's in, it also means the stone circle is in - let's hope whoever delivers carries it through to the garden and not just the front doorstep! The question remaining is whether or not to also introduce some stepping stone on gravel paths throughout the garden. They'll save the grass in the winter, but it's easy to see how this could snowball. (We currently don't have any path so the grass takes a bit of a bashing in the winter and although we try to vary our route when the grass is sometimes less than 2 metres wide in places it can be tricky).

* dual online surfing: both MOH and I on mobile devices comparing the same products on the same website!