We have been measured...

It's going like a dream. We made an appointment for the kitchen to be measured for the initial drawings and they turned up. Just a little after the agreed time but that's ok as there was a text to say traffic was bad. This is fair, there is always bad traffic these days near the Blackwall Tunnel.

I have tweaked the original plan now they have seen our kitchen - the German's do not appreciate the English's associated horror with the colour Magnolia!! But the tweaks mean that the Magnolia (or cream) has gone, the champagne (colour not fizz) is still in the plans.

Apparently our kitchen is not as small as we made out and darker than we thought. Now we wait 7-10 days for the drawings before moving to estimates. I'm comfortable with this and even more comfortable I'm not being hurried along to make a decision.

The old kitchen is proving itself ready to be replaced - this morning the under-cupboard lights in one half of the kitchen went on the blink. MOH suspects it is only the transformer but my take on it is the kitchen is sending another subliminal message!!