A helpful online chat

One of my tasks was to work out what we needed for the patio. This was made a whole lot easier by one of those web chat thingys. I spent some time fat finger typo talking with Deborah from simply paving.com. She was really helpful and I now know we need to order:
- the circle
- a patio kit
- eight of the 300x300, 300x600 and 600x600
- seven of the 600x900.

She also gave me the hardcore and sand quantities (3 tons of each) along with the number of bags of cement needed (24). I think (hope) I managed to ask some sensible questions for a novice, the best was (I think) what was the recommended ratio for the sand and cement mix. For reference it's 4:1 semi-wet mix.

However, I also learnt some new terms:
Sok = squaring off kit (we're not having on of these, as our circle will be round)
Mot= hardcore (no idea either!)

I reckon that we can get the patio slabs and some decorative slate for just over a thousand pounds, so not bad at all. Our gardeners though are going to be disappointed as the tops of the slabs are riven not smooth.