Beware: bossy kitchen salespeople

In an attempt to verify, justify and understand what we are getting ourselves into yesterday we went to another kitchen showroom. I'd phoned ahead during the week and was told to come in so they could tell us "how many thousands it will cost." While that may be true (and it was) it's not the best sales technique I've ever heard...

Anyway, we went along and were duly told it would be about £1k per unit. Eeek. Plus work tops, plus appliances, plus fitting. Eeek, eeek, eeek. The good news was they were having a sale at the end of May so there was a some chance it could meet our budget but they would expect to see us next week to start the design (which we already have!).

Needless to say they won't be seeing us next week to start planning. Not only were they bossy, they were more expensive, had less choice of colours and the finish for their gloss units wasn't that great. (We know to look closely at this now for cellulite-type signs, it's the same as for legs. The less cellulite there is the better they are!).

While looking more closely at their colours we did manage to get a bit of our own back, albeit unintentionally. They had them lined up dominoes-style. And yep, they fell over domino-style. All fourteen or so of them. On the plus side it gave them the opportunity to dust that shelf!