F&B measurements...

MOH is getting into the swing of this measuring malarkey. After re-measuring the patio to my specifications he was off measuring various walls and windows in the house. Not just random measuring mind you, stuff we actually wanted measured!

For my record and ease of reference; the landings are from the top (with side panels) 220 x 158 (220 x 20) and 236 x 165 (236 x 19). Downstairs the stair wall is 255 x 165 and the radiator wall is 156 x 180. They are all having the same wallpaper which should be a little over the three roll minimum order.

In our bedroom I know the window measures 189 wide x 125 high, there's 21 from the bottom to the radiator and perhaps 10-12 from the top to the curtain pole. That's the last measurement he did so I guess he was getting bored!

Now all I need are the measurements for the TV wall and the main wall in our bedroom. I'll bide my time and get those another day!