A busy day, and even some time for some work work!

Today was one of those days where you feel like you've achieved something. Despite not getting in until around 11pm and to bed much later last night I was up and dropping my car round to the garage for its MOT just after 8am this morning. It's a10 registration so shouldn't've had any problems. Except that the air bag light kept flicking on and off and if it stayed on that meant #fail. The garage thankfully managed to sort it out and we passed!

After breakfast it was time for a coaching phone call. During that the kitchen lady arrived, which was a bit of a shock as our appointment isn't until tomorrow! Then it was 11am and time to make more phone calls and wade through my mailbox...while avoiding doing the image work I needed to. In the end I could avoid it no more (I managed to squeeze in a trip up the garden between rain spells but have just realised I could have put some washing on!) and then it went like a dream, almost forgetting to go and collect the car by 4.30pm but made it. 

Back to the news that the imagery cut the mustard both meeting the design specifications and the brief. Now just to do the other four by 10am tomorrow...