A sore throat = another blood test

I'm not sure if my sore throat is "speaking in pub" related, hosting an induction morning at work, a symptom of the tablets or the start of a recurrence of thyroiditis (and yes that does exist!). Following the news from my last blood test on 24 April where my thyroxine levels have moved out of the normal range again, this isn't great news. 

After some time getting through to the doctor's surgery, speaking to the receptionist, trying to be put through to the doctor, the receptionist speaking to the doctor the outcome was go for an urgent blood test. 

So, off I went. The outpatients department was buzzing when I got there, which is never a good sign. But I was assured this was for another clinic and there were intact only about twenty people ahead of me. Thankfully that was right. 

I should get the results on Tuesday when I can phone the endocrinologist's secretary - there's a lot of me chasing around different people at the moment it seems with the NHS. I've decided to do something about that and will be seeing my company's GP on Tuesday to switch to using my private healthcare. 

I'm not that patient normally, and after five and a half months I'm all out of patience...