Another slab down, with wildlife for company.

Ok, it's slow progress but work has started again on the step outside the shed. The fourth slab is down and once again I was kept company by the robins while working. And a bee. I know bees are in short supply but I wasn't so keen on that buzzing around, nor for it looking to get in between the slabs. Thankfully it stayed out of the way for long enough.

Our little toad also made an appearance, which was a good thing as I think I was probably going to block him in. He escaped but a visiting pigeon earlier this week wasn't so lucky. Well, I think it was a pigeon. All that was left was a pile of feathers. That can't have been a nice way to go, even for flying vermin.

Tomorrow I need to hunt down some more slabs, order some trellis, buy the usual replenishment of terracotta pots and anything else that grabs us while at the garden centre! Oh and plant some seeds, bake some cakes, make some bread, change the bed and do some washing.