Back home...

After a good couple of nights* (and days) at the Royal Marriott in Bristol for the Institute of Internal Communication's annual conference I'm back home.  The rooms were good, and a good size. I'm a bit partial to lime green but I don't think I was overly biased!  The food was good too, as was service. Fellow delegates said the bar prices were on the high side (unusually I wasn't in the bar!). I found the Internet charges in the room steep (£6 an hour or £15 for 24 hours for the Guest wifi) and I think it depended where your room was as to whether or not you could pick up the free Public wifi which was available in the conference suite and public areas of the hotel.

Having not left the hotel since I arrived Wednesday evening, despite good intentions it was a bit of a shock standing in the wind waiting for the taxi. Did we skip summer and go straight to autumn?  It was a long journey back - I got on the train at 14.30 and got home around 18.30 - and the wether was dreadful. 

The conference itself was inspiring (you can read more on the news area of the IoIC site.) I've pages of notes, interspersed with ideas shared that I'm going to re-use. I am going to, honest. I will use them so watch out team! But first to write them up into something I can decipher so that when the slides are available I'm in a good place!

Not tonight though there's a glass or two of wine with my name on, ahead of a busy weekend ahead. I've a red, white and blue cake to bake, unbox boxes at my brother's new house, pop over to Paris on Sunday, stay overnight before being up early to drop my car off for its MOT. 

* despite the fire alarm going off at 3.11am - automatic pilot mode saw me jump out of bed, across the room with my valuables (jewellery, iPhone, iPad and bizarrely my work BlackBerry) trying to work out what to put on before even considering it might not be a fire (it wasn't).