Baking when I should be...

...laying some paving slabs, moving plants or clearing through my wardrobe. But hey, these are good. And I could watch the Grand Prix from Barcelona while they were rising. These are sea salt and cardamom pretzel bagels:

I've made bagels before but these were good, and the dough was easy to handle (even though I missed out the butter and added a little water instead - forgot it not some clever tweak!).  These are way nicer than any shop bought bagel (I imagine any home made bagel would be).  Here's a photo of the recipe, it made me smile as it's in the "show-off cooking" section:

They really are easy, especially if you're familiar with making bread. The only tip I'll give you is, roll them out using your hands while the dough isn the air to when it's on the work top!