Lichtenstein - BamBou - Migraine

A while back we'd booked tickets to the Liechtenstein exhibition at the Tate and Friday was the day. Loved it. Especially my favourite Whaam! I knotted a jumper with that on front and back and wished I still had it. It was a good day for walking around town. We walked from Bank to the Tate, around the Tate and then on to Tottenham Court Road.

We'd earned dinner by the time we arrived at BamBou and for the first time in the trips we'd had there we were seated downstairs. On reflection we prefer upstairs, it's smaller and quieter. The food was good, but the spiced lamb lived up to its name. Boy, was it spicy. By the time we left, having skipped pudding I already had a headache. The walk back to Charing Cross would help I thought. But no, it persisted. A large glass of water before bed didn't help head it off (no pun intended) and I was up at 3am looking for some headache pills.

They didn't work either! Unusually MOH let me sleep in, but woke me at 10:30 am but I was no better and was no ultra-sensitive to light and noise. There was nothing for it but to sleep some more. Only thing was we were due at my sister-in-laws that afternoon.

Sleep helped. Surfacing around 3pm I was on the mend and after some tea and toast before heading around the M25. Time to take it a bit easy, well for a day or so anyway.