There's no obvious ready brek glow...

...nor any obvious superhero qualities!

Yesterday morning I had the thyroid scan and was injected with something radioactive, which my thyroid would take up and show on the scans taken. The scans themselves were easy enough, just lying still for three minutes at a time. 

I've bruised a bit where the needle went in and that will heal quickly enough. More annoying is my increasing tendency to "mark" where the (very) sticky tape has been. I'm sitting on the train heading towards the office and have just remembered as part of this they drew a mark on my neck and I have no idea if it was visible. I didn't see it yesterday or this morning so hopefully no one else can either!

As I left I was warned to limit my contact with pregnant women and small children, tbh this is fairly normal behaviour for me! Although it does make you more conscious of people around you. 

My throat is sore again this morning, which if it continues I could see getting quite annoying and making me quite downbeat. I'm not sure though if this is related or if I've caught the deadly man-flu from MOH. 

The results from the scan (not the man-flu diagnosis) should be with the doctor already, so hopefully they will tell him what he needs to know.