Thyroid scan: the "drama" continues

After switching to private healthcare last week to give the doctors some chance of  working out why my thyroid is over active, I've hit my first hiccup. I thought I'd done well to see the consultant for the next working day after I spoke with his secretary. That all happened and I needed another blood test and a thyroid scan. Imagine how pleased I was then to get that booked in for the next day. 

I turned up, registered (again) and waited.  I needed to complete a questionnaire. Of the three questions I was unable to answer one of them with absolute certainty. And because of where I am in my cycle this caused some doubt with the radiographer, even though the "pee on a stick" test was negative.  That means the scan is off today and I need to make the appointment again... 

To say I was disappointed (as I thought things were finally making progress) is an understatement. A latte later and I feel better about it, but the compliment of the day, week, month, year has to go to the radiographer who told me that forty-five was still young!