A day of baking and cooking *

1. Baking the sourdough that proved overnight. 

2. Apricot and marzipan twist. Although it was tasty it didn't quite look like this:

Yes, I know it's not Christmas, but I've been meaning to make it for a while...

3. A lime meringue pie. I used a pie-dish so didn't get the pretty fluted edges:

I had help with the meringue, so it was added to the top in a more traditional way. I also managed to avoid the raw egg questions. Phew. 

4.  Mustard flavoured gougères: 

I'd cooked the paprika ones before which were more successful. These were still eaten though. 

5.  Roast gammon, roast potatoes and mixed veg for six. Only veg left and a small amount of gammon, so not so bad at all. 

Nothing though took as long to eat, as it did to bake!!

I'd've posted photos of my versions, had I remembered to take any...

* as well as shopping for the ingredients, making the beds in both spare rooms, putting the washing away, tidying up downstairs, filling the dishwasher, putting it on and emptying it, laying the table and the usual weekend chores. Meanwhile MOH was working. "It shouldn't be a long one" were his parting words around 9am, he was next to be seen just before 4pm after a tough day. And as everything was done before his family arrived...