A start date from the gardeners...

The ones doing the patio. But just three days notice. The paving slabs recommend giving seven days notice for a delivery, but expect to deliver in stock items typically between three to five days. 

Further complicated in that they deliver to kerbside only, they will manoeuvre things onto our drive though. We're also having a bumper bag of slate, goodness knows how we'll get that through the house (we don't have any side access) as that's the equivalent of forty sacks. 

Further, further complicated by going away (again) Tuesday week to cat-sit the pink princess. 

Tomorrow's activities now include ordering a skip, ordering all the slabs and slate, working out who is willing to be paid in beer and barbie for transporting slate and buying trugs to transport said slate. 

On the plus side, we know the patio should be completed before any work on the kitchen starts.