Car tax: my personal saga

Attempt 1:  online, failed. MOT expired at 31 May so unable to purchase online. 

Attempt 2: online, failed. Dug out documents to go to the Post Office in person a la 1980s. Checked and double checked MOT and car insurance to be of the correct year. 

Attempt 3: at the Post Office, failed. I had somehow managed to pick up the reminder from the previous year. Yes, no idea. But hugely frustrating. As that evening we were heading to East Grinstead in a pre-holiday trip. 

To help ensure attempt 4 worked, I came up with the cunning plan of digging out the log book. Failed. I have no idea where this is and after much searching which made us late to East Grinstead (see above) I ordered a new one online, cost £40. 

Attempt 4: sweet-talking the in-laws to go to the Post Office, no idea if it's worked or not because I'm in Guernsey. I just hope it has, I can't take much more of this.  I am though, forever grateful if my in-laws have made this work. 

Stressful. Very stressful. However my plan is for 6 months of car tax to avoid this situation next year. A cunning, cunning plan.