Guernsey: Saturday's photo-journal

We arrived in Guernsey Friday morning and in the main mooched about. Today's the day of the Itex walk (not for us, registration starts at 4:30am!) but we did walk the first stage of the round the island walk. First up was Clarence Battery:

And some great views along the coast:

There was also a fallen tree, which was signposted from the start of the walk for people to "take care" and sure enough we found the fallen tree: 

Shortly followed by some more views of where we were heading:

And some very pretty flowers:

And these, which I later learnt (thanks to today's Times) are tree echiums: 

 And this, which was so very vibrant, and pink:

The cliff paths were great, some needed me to find my inner mountain goat but often they looked like this: 

 And the views continued to be great:

And it wouldn't be right not to include one of these: