Guernsey: Sausmarez Manor

After wandering through Arts Sunday we were at a loss for something to do. Having walked back past Sausmarez Manor yesterday we decided to head there for the sub-tropical gardens and sculpture trail (see more here: It was about a 30 minute walk from where we were, so off we went. 

It was well signposted too when we got there:

We paid and went into the sub-tropical garden, which seems to be combined with the sculpture trail not separate as it says on the website. Thankfully the price wasn't combined and it was just £6 each.  There were many sculptures (and plants) and I've only chosen a selection for here. I'll add the rest to Flickr later. This was my favourite, but with a price tag of £50,000 a photo will have to suffice, and yes that is a crash helmet: 

Not all the sculptures were of nudes, honest. 

I was also rather taken with these pebble seats, at three thousand they were still on the pricey side and as MOH was keen to point out, they won't fit in our hand luggage. 

Nor will the seahorse. 

This holiday MOH has learnt some new plants, irises among them:

Peonies are one he should already know, but doesn't. 

And a selection of many more:

Finally, there were chickens (and baby ducks!). This one was quite at home outside the tea rooms!

We headed back along the cliff path from just beyond Fermain Bay and back past the fallen tree back into town for a reviving mug of tea before ending up back at the hotel.