It's Graves' disease

I've had the results of the thyroid scan a while now and it showed, as the doctor thought it would, that my thyroid issues are caused by Graves' disease not De Quervain's thyroiditis. That means 12-18 months of the tablets I'm already on.  The verdict was immediately followed with a "it's not as bad as it sounds!" comment, which was helpful although having had this all of the year I already knew a bit about it. 

My last NHS blood test - back at the start of May - was prompted by another sore throat. With my next appointment not until the end of June the combination of these prompted me to go private which meant I received this diagnosis a few weeks ago. 

This week I had a letter from the NHS doctor apologising for the length of time it's taken to analyse the latest results. Reassuringly, he has come to the same conclusion, Graves' disease. 

So now what needs to happen is to work out the dosage to stabilise my thyroxine.  That means a few more blood tests yet!