Norfolk: We're also garden-sitting

As well as feeding the cat, we're also under instructions to water the garden, keep the water feature topped up with water and feed the birds!

Last year my dad gave up his allotment. Not because gardening was becoming too much, but because there was too much gardening to do too!  His solution was to combine his allotment with the garden and create a kitchen garden. Considering he's approaching eighty this sounded a sensible plan. What ensued though was an epic challenge, undertaken single-handedly to create the kitchen garden so it was ready to be productful this year. 

He's done a pretty good job:

Plenty of onions here!

And a few broad beans, I've picked some to eat while we're here!

The greenhouse was a bit parched this morning, but the tomatoes and cucumbers should be ok, with some more water later as well. 

As the summer progresses visits to Sunny Hunny often result in a bag or two of veggies to take home. All of which are very welcome!