Photo-journal: My favourite places to sleep by the Pink Princess

My name is Chessie, not the Pink Princess. That nickname makes me want to roll my eyes in protest. I almost do that but then realise it's not true anyway and no one really thinks that's my name. I mean, I'm not even pink!

I'm not as spritely as I once was, and now my favourite pastime is sleeping. 

So here's a selection of my favourite sleeping places:

I particularly like the one above, it's on a warm pipe and there's the radiator too. It isn't always warm though so if not any of the chairs in the conservatory, or cat-room as it's known, are good:

I like this fluffy, feather duvet. But it's not often I can sneak in here:

In the summer the greenhouse is also warm, it's great to lounge in my very own hot house:

From here I can survey the garden and all the bird activity:

This is my favourite of favourite places. It also means the humans don't get the best seat for viewing that screen on the wall. Ha! I know my place!

But every night, when that screen is turned off they put me here. It's ok, there's food but I'd much rather stay where I was. I let them know this too, but they are quite persistent. In the end I just go back to sleep...

This isn't a sleeping place, but as we're talking favourite places it's included. It's the best place to get a drink around here:

That's all for now, and I've remembered. Chessie is short for Duchesse - as in lace, so I really should have the Pink Duchess as my nickname, not princess at all. Not that I am pink, but everything pink has been forced onto me, just remember that....

PS: in the winter I abandon all of these for my rightful place in front of the log fire!