Photo-journal: Norfolk coast path from Stiffkey to Blakeney

It was sunny again this morning so we decided to walk some of the Norfolk coast path. The section we chose was the Stiffkey to Weybourne, which in total is 11 3/4 miles. We drove to Stiffkey and parked in the Greenways car park. Result, it was free.  So off we went:

They've even got some pink grass, I'm pretty sure my mum's not been here though:

And after some muddy sections we reached Morston Quay in about an hour. Next we set off for Blakeney aware that some of the path was shut. There was no missing the shut part:

So we headed along the bridle path and then the A149 to Blakeney Quay. We sat by the duck pond for lunch and started to feel a few drops of rain. 

Deciding to give the rain some time to work out what it was doing, we headed for tea and carrot cake in a local cafe. By the time we were out, it was still raining so we headed to the bus stop for a bus back to Stiffkey and the car. 

It was the right decision as despite one of the Blakeney shopkeeper's assurances that the rain would blow over, it didn't. And it's still raining now as we sit in the conservatory back in less-than-Sunny Hunny.