Photo-journal: the patio's last day

Today saw the end of our existing patio, with it's municipal-like slabs and strange wall tile-like inserts that cracked in a recent frost. Today's work, despite the skip, seemed to be about creating mess and marking out the larger patio and the area for the new stone circle. 

All the slabs are up, which makes this area look wider than it really is: 

It seems odd to see it like this after many years of not noticing it at all:

Although the gardeners made short work of pulling it up:

Some of it - seven slabs, edging bricks and stones from around the base of the conservatory - have been saved for reuse in other parts of the garden, now they're stored under the Laurel:

The Box were moved to the new slabs by the greenhouse, to save marking the grass:

The circle area was marked out, and looks a little odd. I think that's because of the grass around it, we'll need to do something with that, to make it look better!

And parsley again, more of it rescued from the patio:

Tomorrow they are digging out the excess soil, so other than being lower I'm assuming it won't look too much different tomorrow night (assuming rain doesn't stop play!)