Rush, rush, rush, stop and breathe

Now I'm not sure if this is totally a symptom of having an overactive thyroid, or if my natural behaviour is just exacerbated by it!*

However I do know there is a lot going on at the moment, both at work and at home so mind and often my body is on the go. It's been noticeable to me though in the past few days that family are telling me to stop rushing. 

Twice on Sunday infact!  First by my brother-in-law when I was emptying the freezer he helped move down from the study. My freezer is quite OCD-ly organised with most things in plastic take-away containers. I thought I'd built up a nice rhythm but it must have looked like frenetic activity to him, which makes me smile. 

The second was later in the day when the phone rang. I answered and it was my mother, who immediately said "have you been rushing?"  This time I hadn't, or at least didn't think I'd been!  

There's clearly something in this, and most likely more than a mother's intuition, so I think I should take note and remind myself regularly over this busy period to slow down and breathe every now and again!

* You may think I should remember my normal behaviour from before the diagnosis, however it's likely I've had an overactive thyroid for up to year before the diagnosis, maybe longer. So it's hard to know for sure.