Back home again...

And it seems it hasn't been so warm here either. The temperature in the greenhouse has only reached 27.3 - it it was a lot cooler in Hunstanton.  

Our spiky plant is still going and looks fab in the dark too:

And an added bonus, I've discovered our painters have these: 

I've no idea what's wrong with a bit of rag. But as they've got these I'd prefer if they used them. And as they go along rather than at the end of the job, let's hope the coming week isn't as bad as last week...

This weekend's Hunny haul includes:
  * clean washing
  * one of Dad's marrows
  * two of Dad's round yellow courgettes
  * some broad beans grown by Dad
  * remnants of a strawberry cheesecake (made by Mum)
  * strawberries grown by Dad
  * some purple shamrock from Dad's garden
  * a small knobbly cucumber from Dad's greenhouse 
  * some swordfish for the barbie from The Fish Shed
  * six Japanese anemones from Reverend Sylvia's plant stall at St Edmund's coffee morning
  * no malt vinegar from the tombola stall at the same coffee morning. There were only a few bottles left and this was MOH's challenge!
  * a kniphofia - or a much coveted Red Hot Poker plant. 
  * oh! and a fire pit as a birthday present to MOH from my brother. Bought with the new patio in mind!

We're very grateful to my parents for their contribution to this stash and for a relaxing, dust-free weekend.