Billy rescues the Study

MOH had a great idea recently, they happen occasionally :)

The idea was to ditch the pine shelving units I know he detests and to switch the majority of book storage to the opposite (straight) wall in the study. Not using the sloping wall means we can use normal bookcases. Thankfully he had this brainwave before the room was painted so we could switch which wall was the feature wall! 

Along the floor of the feature wall we'll use a run of four Ikea box-type beech units (Corras), which we already have. Three are flat-packed under our bed - we bought them for the shelves as MOH uses them for his hifi in our main living room. The other, bought especially for the internal shelf is made up and our one-arm bandit resides on it. Being on casters it's much easier to move that way!

We've measured and know that a 80cm and a 40cm wide x 202cm high Billy unit will fit into this space. We could probably get two 80cm units in, but I want to keep it spacious up there - with all the furniture out, it's quite a big room!  The furniture we've moved out is now destined for eBay, it's done us well and was here when we moved in ten years ago!

That means a trip over to Ikea one evening after the floor is varnished and can take furniture again. It also signals the start of moving our stuff about again, the priority will be to get the books out of the shed before anything makes them their home...

The rest of the plans for that room involve a small mahogany desk under the window and some contemporary black and white pictures on the slopey wall, but we're a little way off the fun stuff yet. I also wondered about prettifying our box files and photo albums, by covering them in fabric. We'll see, and I'll be sure to post how it goes!

For the first time it feels like there's a plan for this room. And if it all works out there'll be space for at least one of my nieces to "camp" there at family get togethers.  As I said though we're a little way off as first the floor needs to be varnished and the room finished, and then it will act as a temporary storage space (with rugs protecting the floor!).